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Miley Cyrus: Bangerz

Miley Cyrus made her grand entrance for the Bangerz show, by sliding down a giant tongue to the main stage, and then being joined by various life-sized stuffed toys, a red and white checkered horse, dancers of all shapes and sizes, and lasers coming from all angles.

When ER Productions were asked to supply lasers for Miley Cyrus, they were told it had to be BIG. Always ready and willing to take on a new challenge, ER Productions built the first batch of their popular Blue Burst Boxes for the show.

Fifty one-watt units were rigged all over the stage and lighting rig, with blue laser beams covering the entire arena. This gave Miley a stunning laser look to accompany her powerful song Drive” from “Bangerz,”.

Show tech

50 x Burst Box 1w systems, and 8 traditional OPSL laser projections systems were used for this event, all control with Pangolin’s LD2000 and BEYOND software, and QM2000.NET hardware.

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