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EDC Las Vegas 2019 - BEYOND Software and MA Control, power the show!

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EDC Las Vegas featured over 180 laser projectors, spread across eight of the different stages at the show. The setup had a combination of KVANT ClubMAX FB4 units with Pangolin’s PASS hardware inside, along with Laser Image’s own custom built diode and OPSL based fixtures, also featuring the integrated FB4 media server.

An exact list of the fixtures used can be found below:

  • 24x LaserImage 20W Pure Diode Lasers, with dual BLUE
  • 24x Kvant ClubMAX 3400 Lasers, with PASS
  • 18x Kvant ClubMAX 10 FB4 with PASS, from Laser Image’s new audience scanning stock
  • 19x LaserImage Supernova OPSL HD 35w RROGCB
  • 28x LaserImage RGBB OPSL 18w
  • 30x LaserImage Cyan OPSL 14w
  • 30x LaserImage Green OPSL 10w
  • 5x LaserImage White OPSL 10w
  • 3x Kvant ClubMAX 3400 + PASS

BEYOND Your Average Workflow... Running a massive large scale, laser display. 

Gabriel Fraboni, Lighting Designer for Martin Garrix was tasked with designing much of the setup for EDC LV, as Martin Garrix's show was perhaps one of the most prominent during the event. With the help of Laser Image Netherlands, they designed a complete control setup for EDC LV, consisting of Pangolin's BEYOND software used in conjunction with the GrandMA Lighting Console, and the FB4 media server, integrated into the lasers at the event.

Frabroni developed his own custom-tailored workflow for this event, which uses Pangolin’s Beyond Universe. Using the BEYOND Universe, Fabroni was able to create a creating a multitude of diverse effects, which were then all controlled from his GrandMA Lighting Desk and made to work around his preferences. 

If you were to run the laser from a desk naturally (meaning you are just connecting to the laser using DMX or ArtNET) you'd have some degree of control, but not complete creative freedom as you're just triggering cues without having the ability to manipulate the content. 

Taking things a step further

Using Fraboni’s workflow, he was able to create a more complex visual presentation, without the standard control limitations that most DMX controlled laser fixtures have. What makes the entire setup even more impressive, is that he is controlling the entire show live, directly from the lighting console.

The way that Fraboni has programmed Beyond, provides a vastly more powerful setup, similar in nature to what is seen being done with video these days.

Check out the full feature press release on PLSN's website: https://plsn.com/articles/laser-focus/electric-daisy-carnival-2019/

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