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Designing Laser Shows


What laser show software is right for you

In order to create a real laser show, you need laser design and control software. These programs are required in order to create laser shows and effects, like the ones we described above. There are two industry standards for laser design software. These are called QuickShow and BEYOND. A brief overview of both is noted below:

QuickShow – Powerful, affordable and easy to use, QuickShow is considerably the world’s most widely used laser design and control software in the world. It is perfect for people who are new to lasers, or who prefer a powerful, yet simple user interface.


QuickShow allows you to create all types of laser shows and content, including laser beam effects, laser graphics, laser text, laser logos and full scale laser animations. This software allows you to run your shows “live” to the beat of music, or preprogrammed on a timeline. And you can control your shows with QuickShow from a PC, MIDI console, DMX console or lighting console.

There are several tools in QuickShow that make creating custom laser content and effects very easy. These include…

  • QuickText – Easily create laser text in seconds
  • QuickShape – Allows you to create laser beam effects and abstracts
  • QuickTrace – Creates laser logos, fast
  • QuickTargets – For fun targeted beam sequences
  • QuickDMX – For easy control of QuickShow with DMX
  • QuickTimeline – Great for creating timeline based laser shows, to the beat of music
  • QuickCapture – So you can easily combine laser images (both beams and graphics)
  • QuickFX – Easy to implement laser effects, that can be applied to any piece of content
  • Virtual Laser Jockey and BPM control – Powerful, pinpoint BPM and show control
  • Plugins for DJ Software – So you can tie QuickShow with your favorite DJ

QuickShow also includes hundreds of FREE laser shows, and thousands of pieces of laser clip art all accessible through the integrated Pangolin Cloud feature.

The QuickShow software is FREE, with the purchase of any Pangolin hardware device. The system also includes several tutorial video which help learn how to get the most out of the program

Learn more about QuickShow, see videos and try a FREE demo here:

BEYOND – BEYOND is the world’s most powerful laser design and multimedia control software available. BEYOND not only allows you to design, create and control laser shows, but it can also control multimedia content (including video, LED based lighting, pyro, audio and more).


The BEYOND software supports all major lighting industry protocols, including network, DMX, ArtNet, SMPTE, MIDI, OSC, and ILDA. It also features a variety of powerful tools allowing you to easily control a show from any lighting, DMX or MIDI console you prefer. And you can also map those devices out, and create custom profiles, using the software’s “scripting tools”. These allow you to access the core of the software, and then customize it to meet you specific needs.

The software also has an immensely powerful effect engine, allowing you to create a multitude of sophisticated and complex laser effects, in an easy to use manner.

For clients who enjoy laser graphics, and who enjoy designing 3D laser content, BEYOND has a powerful 3D animation program built directly inside the software, allowing you to create any type of laser animations, or 3D object you like. It also supports popular 3D animation software including 3D Studio Max, Cinema 4D, Maya, Blender, and others.

And the advanced drawing program inside of BEYOND, is truly like “Photoshop” for lasers, allowing you to draw and design any type of laser content you can imagine. It also features in incredibly powerful abstract generator that can be used to create stunning abstract laser content.

When it comes to color mixing, BEYOND cannot be beat. The software’s advanced color palette training systems allows you to quickly and easily balance colors, across all laser show projectors in your setup.

The program also has excellent tools for geometric correction, and laser mapping. Making it easy to project lasers onto complex surfaces, or to set specific projection areas for laser to go into.

One new and innovative new tool emerging in the laser show industry, is the ability to create interactive laser displays. BEYOND features an awesome interactive show module, that allows you to make the lasers move, using your body movement.

Just like QuickShow, BEYOND comes with hundreds of FREE laser shows, and laser clip art frames included, and gives you full access to the revolutionary new Pangolin Cloud. BEYOND can also support 50+ laser projectors, from a single control station.

BEYOND is software, and when you purchase BEYOND, is gets licensed to one of your Pangolin hardware devices (such as the FB3QS or FB4). It works in a master / slave setup, so that you only need one BEYOND license for a piece of hardware, and then that unit becomes your “master dongle”. Then, any additional laser control hardware you connect in the setup, will work as a slave within the system. This makes the cost of running large scale laser shows with BEYOND, very affordable. Because you only need one BEYOND license, and then you can control multiple pieces of laser show control hardware.

BEYOND software is available in three versions, called Essentials, Advanced and Ultimate. And clients can also easily upgrade between these three versions.

Learn more about BEYOND, see videos and try a FREE demo here.

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