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World Record Laser Show by ER Production

World Record Laser Show by ER Production powered by Pangolin BEYOND and FB4 network laser controller

The GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS organization measure, document and authorise the world’s superlatives and so draw upon the entire range of superlatives to help people realise their potential and to re-examine the world.

On 18th November ER Productions has achieved his title for the Largest Laser Show with a spectacular laser display at Live Design International (LDI) in Las Vegas.
This laser light show and conference takes place in November at the Las Vegas Convention Centre.


They held the 30-minute laser showcase that culminated in a seven-minute recording-breaking finale that incorporated 302 individual laser fixtures.
The official adjudicator confirms that the Largest Laser Show now stands with 314 laser light projectors. This beats their unofficial world-record set by the company back in 2016.

Their setup at a glance:

The impressing whole show took weeks to design and 72 hours to set up. To fulfill all the safety requirements, especially because of the near McCarran International Airport, they had to build a termination wall that completely avoided any laser light near to the airport.

Ryan Hagan, co-founder of ER Productions, says: “We are delighted to celebrate our tenth anniversary with such an incredible laser show and by making our way into the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS books. We’ve worked with many fantastic companies, events, and performers throughout the years but creating such a memorable showcase, that celebrates all we have achieved in the laser industry, has been a real highlight.”

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