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Laser Experience BEYOND Multimedia Show controlled by FB4

The ILDA multimedia show

The skilled people from Buenos Aires Shows Laser SRL created a multimedia laser show named Laser Experience which has been continuously running for one year.
Started with one show, but extended because of its success, nowadays two Laser Experience shows exists, one with music of Pink Floyd and the other one with music of Soda Stereo.
The audience loves the variety of elements that that complement each other to a whole.


Show technology

These shows combine stunning laser beam technology for a spectacular immersive appearance, 5.1 surround sound that pushes the people into the event, artistic lights and videos, where as the laser is the show star.

Show specifications

Regarding to laser equipment, we use the high professional solution of 10 Pangolin FB4 network ILDA laser controllers, 10 high quality lasers from Kvant, 1 DMX controller and the professional Pangolin BEYOND Software.
The versatile Beyond laser light software is the master brain of the show because all laser, lighting, six sound channels audio and video is controlled from it; and all is completely automated.

At a glance:

Which ILDA software can create such a multimedia show?

Only this all-in-one Pangolin BEYOND ILDA software with laser, video, audio and lighting solution made this kind of professional impressing multimedia show possible.

Laser and BEYOND software in performance and video
Jean-Michel Jarre North American Tour



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