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Ultra Music Festival 2015 – MIAMI

Over the past 17 years, Ultra has been one of the United State’s leading EDM festivals, drawing in thousands of the world’s most iconic DJs, producers and live acts, mesmerizing audiences with awe-inspiring sets in ARGENTINA, BRAZIL, CHILE, CROATIA, IBIZA, JAPAN, KOREA, SOUTH AFRICA and of course MIAMI.

Each and every new global edition is founded on the same successful recipe that has been perfected over 17 years in Miami, combining the most diverse electronic talent with the most technologically advanced, large-scale festival productions in the world.

Miami based LaserNet commanded over 30 laser projectors for this year’s Ultra Miami festival, all of them over 20 watts, spread out over 7 stages at the Bayfront Park, hosting Skrillex, David Guetta, Armin Van Buuren, Afrojack, Avicii, Carl Cox, and more.

Ultra Music Festival makes it an annual habit of showing the world what it means to party in Miami, Florida. This 2015 edition attracted over 150,000 people.

Check out the video below, showing the great work of Laser Production Network, Powered by Pangolin Laser Systems.

Show tech

LaserNet has been doing laser shows since 1968, so it was no problem to install over 30 high power lasers on 7 stages – all over 20 watts, and all controlled by Pangolin’s BEYOND software.

Metallica (by ER Productions)
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