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Lady Gaga – The ARTPOP Ball

On the fourth headline tour of her career, Lady Gaga exceeded everyone’s expectations, by incorporating a visual element to her show, that took audiences around the globe by storm.

Video director Bertrand Pare said “Gaga has always been a visual artist, and this talent is clearly visible in this rave-style show, complete with smoke effects, confetti, and of course, plenty of lasers.”

To make sure that the event was a success, the team at Laser Design Production (a division of Pyrotek) was brought in, to oversee all laser related effects. The operator for the tour, Hayden Hale, used Pangolin’s LD2000 software and QM2000.NET hardware to control the entire laser show.

Hayden goes on to say “The (LD2000) software has been the industry’s go-to for around 15 years now so it is pretty common on tours like this. It’s very important to know that we have a reliable system that is tried and tested; you don’t want to crash the mother ship!” says Hale.

Show tech

Laser Design Production used an arsenal of KVANT 20 watts laser projectors for the show. Six were placed directly on the stage and two were placed around the piano area where Gaga performed. All lasers were controlled with Pangolin’s LD2000 software and QM2000.NET hardware.

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