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Pangolin Laser Light Software on Apple Mac

Since PC´s and Macs exists next to each other, there have always been user preferring the one or the other operating system platform.

Creative people like Apple hardware

People in the creative environment like to work with Apple hardware and so get in contact with the MacOSx operating system. Creating and performing laser shows strongly involves creativity and some laserist work on hardware made by Apple to bring their imaginations to laser.

Pangolin Laser Software on a Apple Mac ?

At the beginning, there is often the question “Does Pangolin Quickshow and BEYOND run on a Mac”.
And the answer is YES.
Though it is not a native Mac software program. So this short answer needs a bit of more explanation.

Windows software on a Mac? How is that possible

In about 2005 Apple changed the central processing unit (CPU) of Macintosh computers from PowerPC processors to Intel x86 processors. This was an important step for them.
“Originally, emulation software such as DOSBox or Microsoft Virtual PC was required to run x86 software on the Macintosh. Such software could now enjoy much more success with near-native performance through virtualization, such as is currently being done by Parallels Desktop for Mac and VMware Fusion. For those customers wishing to achieve a more conventional environment, a dual boot solution is possible on an x86 Apple device using Boot Camp software (which includes Windows drivers for Mac hardware).”
Source (

Benefits for all parties

By this, Windows application can be developed, operated and maintained on a single operating system platform but be used conveniently on PC and Mac hardware.
All parties benefit from quicker software releases cycles, less issues and more innovation by concentrating on only one system.

Nowadays setting up Windows on a PC or a Mac is done within a few clicks and no rocket science any more.

Different approaches for Windows on a Mac

There are several virtualization solutions on the market like Parallels Desktop, VMware Fusion etc. to just name a few as example.
They run inside of MacOSx in a virtual machine, share the host resources and partly pass through the needed interfaces. MacOSx remains the underlying host operating system an runs in the background.
For some license costs are involved to use it.

Our recommendation for Pangolin software on a Mac

Though this is an option, we highly recommend to use the BootCamp solution, as by this the performance is better, it comes free and is build in with MacOSx and we experienced less issues in operation with that over the years.

Tutorial video for setup of Windows in Bootcamp on a Mac

Here is a quick video about how to install Windows with a Bootcamp on MacOSx

So using Pangolin laser light design software like Quickshow and the professional Pangolin BEYOND as Windows software on a Mac Computer is already possible and prooven since years.

Additionally Pangolin provides information how to setup a connection via VNC so you can control Pangolin software via an Apple iPad here on the Pangolin product manuals website.

Have more questions?

Let us know and get in touch with us.

We are happy to help!

Beam Attenuation Map
Tutorial FB4 features in Pangolin BEYOND 4.0



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