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ILDA Laser pinout

The chart below lists pins for the ILDA DB-25F female connector. This connector conforms to the ILDA DB-25 connector standard. The ILDA standard uses differential signals for projector inputs, primarily because they are more immune to noise. For example, you will see X+ and X- signals defined below. The positive indicates a normal signal; the negative indicates an inverted signal. Projectors also use differential signals for color signals as well, but generally outputs only single-ended OUTPUT signals for colors. This is allowed by the ILDA Standard.

db25f ILDA pin-out

ILDA DB25 connector

Signal name


X+ 1  -5V to +5V
Y+ 2  -5V to +5V
Intensity/Blanking + 3  0V to +2.5V
Interlock A 4 Connected to pin 17 inside the QM2000
R+ 5 Red, 0V to +5V
G+ 6 Green, 0V to +5V
B+ 7 Blue (typically 476 nm), 0V to +5V
Deep blue + 8 Violet (typically 457 nm), 0V to +5V
Yellow + 9 Yellow, 0V to +5V
Cyan + 10 Brightest blue (usually 488 nm cyan), 0V to +5V
Z+ 11 Depth Z (not intensity), -5V to +5V
Not connected 12  
Shutter 13  0V to +5V (referenced to Ground pin 25)
X- 14  -5V to +5V
Y- 15  -5V to +5V
Intensity/Blanking – 16 Connected to Ground pin 25
Interlock B 17 Connected to pin 4 inside the QM2000
R- 18 Connected to Ground pin 25
G- 19 Connected to Ground pin 25
B- 20 Connected to Ground pin 25
Deep blue – 21 Connected to Ground pin 25
Yellow – 22 Connected to Ground pin 25
Cyan – 23 Connected to Ground pin 25
Z- 24  -5 to +5V
Ground 25  

Note on interlock lines A and B

The purpose of the two interlock lines is so that a projector can tell when it is properly connected to an ILDA-compatible signal source. The projector will put a current or signal into pin 4. The same current or signal should be present back at the projector when reading pin 17.

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